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Raditech Ltd

design for radiation technologies

Featured Product: Syringe Carrier SSC001

The Shielded Syringe Carrier is an evolution of the standard design. The shielding material is completely encapsulated within the aluminium body and can be tailored to the user’s requirement with shielding thicknesses ranging from 3-8mm. The Construction of the Shielded Syringe Carrier (SSC) is strong but lightweight with the 8mm version weighing in at only 6.9Kg.





The construction of the SSC also offers MRI compatibility due to no ferromagnetic materials are used in its construction. The SSC has been successfully tested at the Newcastle Freeman Hospital and has been approved for use near their MRI when active.





A common issue of sterile workplaces is the need for items that are reusable. With this in mind, the SSC has been constructed so that cleaning and disinfection can be performed easily. The internal and external surfaces are all chamfered making them easy to wipe clean. On top of design considerations for sterility, the SSC is painted with BioCote antimicrobial paint giving effective protection against harmful bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses by up to 99.99%. 


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